Exotic Pet Comprehensive Care

Birds, reptiles and small mammals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets, need veterinary care, balanced nutrition, human interaction and appropriate management of his/her environment. Dr. Caruana enjoys providing families with guidance and education regarding optimal care for exotic pets. At your exotic pet’s wellness visit, she will discuss your pet’s home environment, diet and mental enrichment. Many pets need special temperature ranges, dietary supplements or specialized handling and training.

We recommend that each animal have an exam every 6-12 months, as many disease processes may not be obvious until they are quite advanced. Please be sure to bring with you a thorough description of your pet’s cage or habitat including size and substrate (the substance your pet lives on such as shavings, bark, rock, newspaper, etc.) We will need to know about its diet including brand, quantity and frequency. For reptiles and amphibians, it is important to measure the temperature in your pet’s enclosure as well as the humidity level. This can easily be done with an indoor/outdoor thermometer.

If possible, it is recommended to bring a fresh fecal sample with you as well.

Please make sure to bring your exotic pet in a safe secure container or carrier.

Dr. Caruana is experienced at treating and caring for many types of pets and is pleased to offer care, behavioral advice and guidance for exotic pets. Please give us a call today or schedule an appointment for your special pet. If you are a new patient, please visit our Before You Visit page to learn more about what you’ll need for your visit.

Exotic Pet Illness and Surgery

If your exotic pet becomes ill or is injured, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis and institute treatment quickly, as many exotic animals may not show signs of a disease until it becomes severe. We will help you by conducting a thorough physical exam, obtaining samples for laboratory evaluation and performing other diagnostics such as x-rays and ultrasound. We offer complete medical, surgical and dental care.

Please call us right away if your exotic pet is showing any signs of illness, including:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Discharge from mouth, eyes or nose
  • Loose stools
  • Lethargy (inactivity)
  • Lumps or bumps
  • Flaky skin or hair loss